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«The Wonder Years» saga continues...

This Episode & Music Guide offers a comprehensive overview of all the episodes and all the songs played during the New Series.

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Main Title

The first teaser trailer for the New «The Wonder Years» Series features the original series' main title, «With a little help from my friends» — but not the Joe Cocker version. Apparently, it is a new cover version by Safari Riot featuring Rogelio Douglas Jr.

We still have to find out whether this will also be the show's main title.

Season by Season

We will do our best to update this episode and music guide as the series is aired on ABC.

001   1.01   Pilot Episode (original air date: tba)

Meet Dean Williams, his family and his friends. More information to come...

Written by Saladin K. Patterson
Directed by Fred Savage


Original Score

We still have to find out who will compose the original score for the new series. Stay tuned!