«The Wonder Years» news hot of the presses!

A New «The Wonder Years» Series is in production! It will start airing on the US-American network ABC in fall 2021. We are dedicated to bringing you all the news about the new series.

Where to Watch | Producing Season 1 | Producing the Pilot

Where to Watch

New TWY Logo

In the United States, the New «The Wonder Years» Series will start airing this fall on Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm (ET) on ABC. The series will premiere on September 22. We also expect the show to be available on Hulu.

In Canada, CTV will air the new show on Wednesday nights at 07:30pm (ET).

Disney+ announced that the show will be available on its streaming service in the United Kingdom and Ireland (source), Germany and presumably also Austria and Switzerland (source), France (source), Italy (source), Spain (source), the Netherlands (source), Belgium (source) and Norway (source) as a «Star Original». We assume that this will be the case in other European countries as well. Stay tuned!

Producing Season 1

In July 2020, news broke that famed director Lee Daniels and Kevin-Arnold-actor Fred Savage plan a new version of the beloved TV show «The Wonder Years». And on May 14, 2021, ABC officially announced the new series.

The first season should start production soon. We will keep you updated!

Producing the Pilot

Filming for the pilot episode took place in Georgia in April 2021.

The cast and crew are busy posting pictures on Instagram. Here's a small selection:

Writer and Director Savage and Patterson on set EJ (Dean) and Fred (Kevin) The Child Actors EJ on the bike TWY jacket

Fred Savage and EJ Williams also shared a first behind the scenes video from filming the pilot episode.

Post-production was finished soon after and the pilot was then submitted to ABC. While we already know that the series was greenlit by ABC and that it will air on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm, we are still waiting for more details. In the meantime, check out ABC's official «The Wonder Years» website.

Post-production Post-production