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When «The Wonder Years» was originally aired, the internet was still in its infancy. Yet the first fan pages popped up in the mid-1990s and fans worldwide communicated via newsgroups (, chatrooms and mailing lists. The world changed - and so did TWY online. A few wonderful websites are still around. And fans are connecting via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The Top 5 TWY Websites

Peter's Wonder Years Website
The best TWY website out there with an episode guide and information about the actors and producers

Kyle's Wonder Years Website
Overview of the show, transcripts, episode info and a reunion script! Contains also the official Lisa Gerber («Cara») Page

The German website «Wunderbare Jahre» and its English counterpart «The Wonder Years»
Big TWY Website in both German and English containing an episode guide, pictures, videos and much more

Ayako's Wonder Years Website
This was the very first website about The Wonder Years - and it still is a great place to visit

Lyle's Proposed Reunion Scripts
Not happy with how TWY ended? Lyle wrote an alternative version

And then there is this website :-)

TWY Parody Websites

Buster's Town: The Homepage - dedicated to the imaginary TWY spin-off «Buster's Town»

The Electric Shows - Kevin's Band

The «The Wonder Years» Convention of 2001

Even more TWY Websites

Wikipedia - The Wonder Years
TWY in the free encyclopedia

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - The Wonder Years
Production info, biographies, links and much much more - The Wonder Years
More than just an episode guide - The Wonder Years
Information about the Show and TV Listings

The Wonder Years: An American narrative
An American Culture Project by Katy Pearce
The official Danica McKellar («Winnie») Website
The official Olivia d'Abo («Karen Arnold») Website
Episode Guide

Jason's TWY website
Little TWY website online since 1999

Social Media

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