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On Wednesday, March 21 2001 the first "The Wonder Years" Convention ever was held in New York City. See what you've missed or experience it again!

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Times Square

Times Square
Times Square

After watching an episode of "The Wonder Years" on ABC's big screen TV on Times Square all visitors were having a coffee. And gifts were exchanged (Swiss chocolate, a Caran d'Ache pen, an Army knife nobody really wanted, a John Henry CD and a NealTM Chip).

Then we were taking the subway to Brooklyn - a good possibility to warm up and get dry after heavy rain.


Brooklyn Heights
& Esplanade

Brooklyn Heights
Heights in rain

Our very own Henry Stewart, beloved list-owner of WY2 and convention tour guide, showed Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Esplanade.

Henry Stewart, WY2-owner

The - err - special weather made it impossible to stay out for a long time. We certainly never have been so wet before. Wait, that sounds somehow slippery.

Esplanade Esplanade
View from Brooklyn Esplanade

So we were heading for our convention location very soon after hearing some facts about Brooklyn's history and taking pics.


Heights Cafe

Henry & Manuel in Heights Cafe
Henry & Manuel in Heights Cafe

Heights Cafe was the official convention coffee shop/bar. Certainly a very nice place.

Due to the rain storm the plane of our guest stars could not land but that didn't matter. Unfortunately only two people could attend the convention anyway: Henry Stewart and Manuel Puppis, list-owner of WYQ.

So, what about the "Wonder Years"? We were even talking some minutes about the geeks on WY2. And both agreed: the list's best times are definitely over.

While eating a huge veggie soup respectively a veggie burger, the Dow was falling (CNN fn was on; we didn't really care, btw) and other topics were discussed. But that's none of your business.



After a few hours the convention ended by running through pouring rain to the next subway station. Don't miss the next one!

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